How and why we’re here

Laterax Recordings was founded in 2001, in the burgeoning era of web-based music access and distribution, grasping possibilities to bring music to the world-wide public. We seem to be drawn to music that would, in an earlier time and place, never have been able to make it through the maelstrom of distributors, publishers, middle men, and profit margins, but that represents an undercurrent well worth exploring. Never afraid to make things difficult, we decided to combine this with the paradoxical and somewhat quixotic mission to salvage the inherent beauty of the touchable artifact; i.e. the actual shining silver disc or plate of wax with their accompanying covers, sleeves, booklets, stickers, and so on. On a minimal budget, we began by releasing limited numbers of handmade CD-Rs. By the end of 2004 we apparently began to make a name, attracting the attention of a unique an varied collection of ambitious musicians and bands. Staying true to our original vision, through perseverance and stubbornness, both Gonzo (circus) and OOR - undercurrent as well as mainstream - now call us a quality label, of which we’re incredibly proud. We like to call ourselves a boutique label, not consistently releasing, but releasing something consistent, whenever there’s something worthwhile exploring. Thank you for visiting our site.


How to stay up to date

We like to make records.

We do not like to build websites.

Which is why the easiest way to stay up to date is to look at our Facebook page:

How to get our records

We like to get our records out to you.

We do not like shady webshop fees.

We like to stay in contact with our fans.

Which is why you can always drop us an e-mail at, and let us know what you would like. We’ll then magically send it your way.

Alternately, you can order most of our releases both physically and digitally through Bandcamp (click the link next to the record). This will also give you free unlimited online streaming.

They seem un-shady.

Latest Laterax news

01/19 New Koko Cohen & Dr Graswinckle MP3

11/17 New Dion & the Magic Chords LP

10/17 New Koko Cohen Quintet EP

Latest Releases

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